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06 October 2012

Distrust of Science. A conservative position? Why I can't vote for these GOP retards...

So I just saw this quote from someone who is as disconnected from reality as anyone can be:
"All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell. And it’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth. I don’t believe that the Earth’s but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That’s what the Bible says."
Now normally someone having these thoughts wouldn't be a problem...  This person is Representative Paul Broun (R-GA), who is a member of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.  Yeah, you read that right.  This guy basically throws EVERYTHING we know about science, and throws it out the window to protect a bunch of bronze age fables.  Sorry, this is beyond retarded.  If anyone is interested in keeping the US as a technologically advanced nation, you need to vote out these fucking retards.  And yes, saying bullshit like that is a self inflicted mental retardation.

So why do these idiots say shit like this?  There has been a lot of speculation about that.  I will present you with a couple.  There is this scientific paper that states in it's abstract (PDF):
This study explores time trends in public trust in science in the United States from 1974 to 2010. More precisely, I test Mooney’s (2005) claim that conservatives in the United States have become increasingly distrustful of science. Using data from the 1974 to 2010 General Social Survey, I examine group differences in trust in science and group-specific change in these attitudes over time. Results show that group differences in trust in science are largely stable over the period, except for respondents identifying as conservative. Conservatives began the period with the highest trust in science, relative to liberals and moderates, and ended the period with the lowest. The patterns for science are also unique when compared to public trust in other secular institutions. Results show enduring differences in trust in science by social class, ethnicity, gender, church attendance, and region. I explore the implications of these findings, specifically, the potential for political divisions to emerge over the cultural authority of science and the social role of experts in the formation of public policy.
Which seems to agree with what we are seeing now, and is also the subject of this book.  And while it is a politically charged book perhaps, I think we all have seen the war waged in the past few decades.  Again, if these folks want to follow their bronze age fables, I suggest they only have access to bronze age science!  They seem to disdain that which we have worked so hard for.  Which is why as long as they take their fables as truth over reality not a single one of those fuckers will ever get my vote.  I'll vote for third party candidates before they get my vote.  I suggest you do the same.