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20 January 2009

Thank you PRESIDENT Obama

Today was a historic day for the United States. Not only because we had a peaceful transition of the most powerful office in the world, nor because an African-American man took the mantle of that office (although both of those events play larger than what I am about to write about). Today PRESIDENT Obama acknowledged non-believers! I was already sitting up straight and proud as he took the oath of office (even with his little flub), but when he actually mentioned non-believers in his inaugural address, I finally felt as if I may be part of America, as opposed to sitting on the outskirts fighting a battle against bigotry, hatred, and small-mindedness. Like most of America, I feel incredible pride and hope for the future, albeit for different reasons than most Americans.

In a country where it would be easier to get elected to office as a felon than an atheist, it's nice to get some recognition from Citizen #1. We can only hope that this will lead to a more civil discourse on the secular nature of the Constitution, as well as understanding that Freedom OF religion requires a specific type of Freedom FROM religion. Lastly, maybe there will be more of a focus on SCIENCE as opposed to childish superstitions. Maybe I am hoping for too much?

Anyway, I was glad to hear even a slight acknowledgment. Again, thank you PRESIDENT Obama.

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