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28 March 2009

Texas: Sofa King Retarded

Dr. Phil Plait has a summary of the TRAVESTY that happened in Texas (and apparently Florida is attempting to follow suit). Basically the LYING young earth creationist got their language into the educational standards... I am amazed at how blatantly these people will LIE and DECEIVE to push their bronze age fairy tale agenda.

Here is Dr. Plait's, write up on the topic. As he says, I urge all parents who live in reality to get involved with their education board, and keep their children in THIS century, and not back in the dark ages.

I am so mad that I can barely type without wanting to go on a murderous spree of eliminating these dangers to humanity and reality... Just read Dr.Plait's posts. He says it well.

And the "humerous" picture up above... Well, suffice it to say that I really feel there is a lot of validity to it. Sorry, it may be harsh, but all evidence points to it. Especially with the fucktardery going on with our education system and the destruction of our children's futures. Only a fucking retard would willingly handicap the future of their offspring, and that's what these retards are doing.


Ivan3man said...

Hi there, Larian! Or is it Steve? Well, whatever! Anyway, I came here to your blog -- Not bad! You must have spent many hours' goofing-off work to create this, eh? -- to view that picture that you had attempted to post on Phil Plait's blog, and yes, you're absolutely right, there is a lot of validity to that picture -- too bad that the picture wasn't allowed because of his Lordship's "commenting policy"! As for it being harsh... well, truth sometimes hurts!

On a similar subject last autumn on Phil Plait's blog, I had submitted an appropriate picture -- -- satirizing creationists in Texas, but it was deleted for some reason by Phil, while it was "awaiting moderation", despite the fact that it did not containing any NSFW language. Go figure!

Finally, if there are any pictures that I've posted recently on Phil Plait's blog, that you have not been able to view because of bloody CENTAF blocking the image, just give me a shout and I'll e-mail it to you.

Regards, Ivan.

Larian LeQuella said...

Greetings IVAN3MAN my friend! :) Glad that you came to visit. I have seen a few of them (go figure), and they always give me a chuckle. Thank you for brightening my day.

This page I did at home, since I can't get to my own web page at work. So most of it isn't from "goofing off" despite appearances.

Gotta go check out the link you left. :)

Larian LeQuella said...

Ah yes, I love that pic! Thanks for the laugh. :)