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10 July 2009

125 Job Applications in 3 days!

Okay, my retirement ceremony is in the bag, I took a small vacation ad did nothing but drink, watch TV, and go fishing (hanging out with my wife's dad, and of course joking around with my daughter). I am finally back though, and I am starting to freak out about employment. Even though I turned down the Civil Service job that was a 30% paycut, I may be facing a nearly 100% paycut soon if I can't find some gainful employment!

I have a nice solid lead with general Dynamics, but that is contingent on them getting a specific contract! So, until they know, I can't really just sit on my butt and do nothing. I also have some good contacts established with Booz Allen Hamilton, L3, and a few other companies, but nothing is really moving forward at this time. So, over the past couple of days, I have been over at "The Ladders" and submitting my resume like crazy! And my plan is to go back there every day to apply for jobs that I qualify on that have been posted just that day.

Still, this whole process has got me totally freaked out! I only wish it was as easy as a PCS. Then the only concern is moving. Speaking of which; man, I am going to take a beating on the house if we do have to relocate!


JD Curtis said...

I hope your find something soon. I have a feeling that you will.

Larian LeQuella said...

Thank you JD. I have a lot of contingent offers, but they are contingent on the company getting that DoD contract... We'll see.

JD Curtis said...

Do you have 20 years in and are you going to retire @ 50%? If it's too personal a question, I understand. Anyway, I guess the important thing is to grab ahold of something in the meantime until you find something that you really like.

JD Curtis said...

BTW, I've noticed a few people wondering about future employment on a couple of different blogs and I've posted this recently....

True story. (Heck I heard it from Paul Harvey, if it's not, take it up with HIM)

There was this guy named Nathaniel who worked for the US Patent Office as a minor bean-counter, pencil-pusher. He showed up and did his job well but wasnt very well paid, earning just barely enough to provide for himself and his small family and keep a roof over their heads.

Anyway, with a change of administrations, Nat lost his job. Anyone that knew him would tell you he was a good worker. It was because of pure politics, plain and simple.

Nat wasnt looking forward to going home and breaking the news to the Mrs.. When he finally did, her reaction was like "Thank GOD you are finally through with that job. Now you can go out and do the work that you always wanted to do.

Nat thought, Did she hear me correctly? Doesnt she know we're going to be destitute shortly? And with that, his wife went over to an old-fashioned bureau that they had in the house (the kind with several hidden compartments) and began taking out every dollar bill and coin that she had put away for years. As it turns out, every time she went to the store, she always socked away the change in one of the hidden compartments when she came home and she did this for years. When she laid out all of the money in front of him, Nat realized that they could live for many months on the amount of money he saw before him.

The only question was, now what? Nat figured that he had always wanted to write a book so he began writing his first novel. It was titled The Scarlett Letter and it went on to win him notoriety. He wrote many other books including The House of the Seven Gables and went on to become one of the most prolific writers in American literature. His full name, as you might have figured out by now, was Nathaniel Hawthorne. And now you know THE REST OF THE STORY ;-)

Larian LeQuella said...

I have my 50% retirement, and I am quite confident I can get something I will enjoy and will support me.

I think there is A LOT of embellishment in that story, considering that Hawthorn's biography mentions nothing of this period per se.

JD Curtis said...

I have to put in a total of 25 years to retire @ 75%. I'd rather get out sooner. Insofar as the Nat Hawthorne thing, like I said, it's from Paul Harvey, ya know? He always seemed reliable.