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02 February 2008

Is Billy Mays a Programme Barometer?

So, I was watching The History Channel the other day. There was a show about The Tunguska event, and I was interested in it. After the brief intro as to what the prevailing theory was, they cut to commercial. First Billy Mays comes on. Then these foot pad things that "suck out toxins" from your body. Then a bunch of other crap... I commented to my wife, "This is probably going to be one of those sensationalist retard shows about if this had happened over New York."

Sure enough, that's what it turned out to be... That got me wondering as to what sort of nonsense gets advertised during all the other shows that prey on low intellect and inbreeding? My suspicions are that Billy Mays may indeed be a barometer to gauge this sort of stuff on.

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