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10 February 2008

Courtesy - Uncommon?

SO today I was coming back from a TDY and had to go through The Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. As I was going from Terminal B to Terminal D, I had to take that nice underground tramway thing they have there. While on-board I saw a sign that said "Please give up these seats for elderly or disabled patrons." Are we so self absorbed that we need to be reminded of this? Is common courtesy really that uncommon?

I travel a lot, so I do see how rude and inconsiderate people can be a lot as well. So here are my tips to you. Just like everyone says all the time, but for some reason people are just too stupid to actually heed the advice; GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME! The TSA folks aren't TRYING to delay you, but if you insist on carrying your make up kit with tweezers, nail clippers, scissors, etc through the screening process, you will get held up... Don't be an idiot, okay! Also, just try to be pleasant. They have a pretty shitty job as it is, and you are asshole #100 that they have had to deal with today. Try to do the unexpected, and just smile and be courteous!

Understand that things are not their fault, whether it's the ticket agent, the TSA guy, or the airline in general. If they could control the weather or maintenance for 100% operations, I think running an airline hauling your whiny ass all over creation would be the last thing they would be doing. Again, being a relaxed traveler will serve you well in this case.

Just my thoughts. And you'd be surprised at how having a relaxed attitude like that will serve you well in just about any aspect of life, especially if you are dealing with other people. Go ahead, give it a shot!

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