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10 October 2008

Burn The Vote

Tired of throwing your vote away in the two party system, or do you just not bother to vote?

It's that time of year again where we go to the polls, and pick the lesser of two evils. Or do you even bother? Do you feel that the system is essentially broken, and your vote doesn't count? How are "they" supposed to know? I have spent the best part of my adult life defending the Constitution of the United States of America, and I share your frustration. The two political parties in control do not represent the People. But the challenge is how do we make our voice heard? Right now there are numerous different parties to vote for, but even if every single one of the dissatisfied millions voted for someone else, it would just be white noise to "them". But if you don't actually DO something, then how can we tell if you are pissed off, or if you are just too lazy, drunk, stupid, or whatever to bother to vote? Hence you need to "Burn the Vote!"

The reason for this page is several fold:

* Get EVERYONE out there to exercise their Constitutional right to Vote and take part in the process.
* Encourage people who are inclined to do so, to make a STATEMENT about the process.
* Encourage a change in the process while respecting the Constitution of the United States.

What I propose you do:

* Get yourself registered to Vote. That's the most important thing.
* If you are disgusted with the system, "Burn Your Vote!"

How do you "Burn the Vote" you may ask. Well, this is a bit of a sensitive issue, so here are my suggestions. Keep in mind, I am NOT advocating any sort of overthrow of a legal government, but rather you use your voice as a voter to make yourself heard. The Constitution is a beautiful document, so let's use it as it was written. Also, do not ever, infringe on anyone else's right to exercise their vote. However, you can still make a statement:

* If you can, go to the polls, and fill in a blank ballot. Write about your dissatisfaction and feelings on the ballot, and make sure it gets handed in.
* If you are more inclined to a dramatic statement; take your paper ballot, set it on fire, and walk out. I don't think you need to make any sort of speech, that will be a statement enough. Be prepared for repercussions! Whatever you do, again, don't interfere with other people's right to vote. If you can, video record it, and submit it to YouTube.
* Send your video, links, blog stories to me at my email with the title "BURN THE VOTE". I will post those links, stories, and things to help spread the word.

I know this is rather late in the process, and as such I have this reserved for the next few elections. We need to let "them" know we are tired of the two party system that only gives us the lesser of two evils to choose from on nearly every level of government.

This web page is not in any way associated with any government agency or political party. This is a site of the people and for the people. This site does not endorse the overthrow of the US Government, just the political parties that have a strangle hold on our voice. We neither endorse, or denounce any particular candidate.

Thank you for reading.

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