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18 October 2008

Checking Your Email

Okay, so today I have had the displeasure of getting two really stupid forward emails from relatives, and seeing someone post one on the forums in the local paper. Now, I could care less what the emails really are about, because they are so full of fallacies, that I cannot fathom anyone gullible enough to believe them... Are we all so gullible that as long as the email sounds in the slightest bit plausible, we'll buy it hook, line, and sinker? And why is it that if the email supports something that we believe or support, we will not apply any critical thought to it, but if we disagree with it, we apply mental rigor to it exactly opposite of the previous email? Are we not only a nation of fat, ignorant, racists, but also hypocritical to a tee? (The previous sentence is a vast generalization, and doesn't apply to you dear reader since you are obviously smart enough to read my silly blog.)

What really depresses me is that Critical Thinking is only the "second tier" as it were of thinking. People still need to build up to Innovative and Constructive thinking... Are we doomed?

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