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25 April 2009

Retirement Ceremony....

Okay, so the AF is insisting that I have a retirement ceremony... Even though I'd prefer just to have a kegger and a roast. I suppose I really ought to take it seriously, but with as FUBAR as some Air Farce policies are, I just can't get into that frame of mind. So, while I don't want a ceremony, they are insisting that I have one. So here are the details as I have them. I'll edit and post more as I become aware of it. This is open for anyone who wants to come.

Date: 26 Jun 09
Location: 9th SOS Auditorium
Time: 1300 (1:00 PM)

Clicky for image of route to 9th SOS Auditorium on base. Basically come in the Eglin East Gate (circled in red top center on the image). This will have you on Eglin Blvd. Follow that through three lights. After the third light (which is on 7th street), you go under a pedestrian bridge. Then the road sort of bears to the right, splits, and goes up a hill. Right after you pass a big building on the right, you should be able to see the 9th SOS building (also circled in red lower left on the image). There are parking lots scattered around that area. The entrance closest to the auditorium is on the east end of the building as I recall. Park and come on in.

The big thing wil be getting singed in to the base should you want to come to this part.

Date: 25 Jun 09
Location: Louisiana Lagniappe
Time: 1830 (6:30 PM)

The link for Louisiana Lagniappe has directions and everything.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you plan to attend, or wish to attend, please send an email to with your address. I can recomend places to stay if you are coming into town (there are several Clarion Family hotels in Niceville that are close to that east gate).

Anyway, just blogging because I need to one day figure out what the hell I am going to actually do. I have 60 days to figure it out. That and set up invitations and whatnot. Sounds like a job that I can assign to a random Lieutenant. I guess the only reason I am even agreeing to all this is that I can get some good loot out of it. Of course, knowing the AF, I'll probably have to pay for my own Shadow Box...

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