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27 April 2009

Swine Flu Fears!

Swine Flu Okay, the title links to a series of Scientific American articles about the Swine Flu that should hopefully educate folks. And while it may be too soon to really laugh about this and all, I have found a coupe things that just makes me go "Hmmm. That is sorta funny."

First of all the comic. This is from XKCD, and ful credit goes to him for everything about that image and humour. I just love XKCD because it's so wacky and off the wall.

The other thing I found is something that implores devout folks to forgoe any medication. Again, I was amused by this, and then at the same time disgusted with myself that I was hoping for a pandemic should "they" buy into it!

Note to real Christians: PLEASE do NOT take Tamiflu or any of those demon drugs invented by strict evolutionists!

If you:
1) ...believe evolution should not be taught in school...
2) ...believe that evolution is still a theory without strong support...
3) ...believe that Darwin was a nut and 'Origin of Species' is an evil book...

...I urge you NOT to take Tamiflu under any circumstances. Taking this anti-viral drug is tantamount to admitting that evolutionary science (and those scientists who received the 'origin' of their education in public schools) is useful and helpful to sick people. Clearly viruses were CREATED, and these damn evolutionist whackos are trying to mess with the Creator's plan.

Viruses evolve and adapt at such a rapid pace that it takes evolutionary scientists (you know, those ones that conservative religious types rail against) tons of hard work to stay one step ahead of the mutations.

If you believe evolution is an unproven theory, taking anti-viral drugs is clearly an admission that you believe, when the chips are down and your health is at risk, that you believe that science has a better chance of saving you than prayer.

Risking your life to save people from a rapidly 'evolving' virus is a sure way to land yourself in Satan's brimstone swimming pool.

Sorry, it just was such a great Poe that it had to be done! And the elimination of the shallow end of the gene pool... Yeah, again, I sorta feel bad for that!

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