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01 May 2009

Such "Wholesome" Fables

So someone came up with the hillarious idea of doing "bible" stories without alteration. None of this Veggi Tales cutesey crap, but all the rape, slavery, incest, genocide, etc. Frikkin' hillarious! Of course, the so called christians (most of whom have never actually read the bible) would accuse folks of making that shit up. Trust me, with as fundamentally fucked up and weird as the bible is, no one needs to make shit up. The response would be that we only followed the script, and expected them to be happy about it. And people say they should live their lives accrding to this book? Yikes! There are the examples of people who have indeed attempted to live "biblically". I think A. J. Jacobs was the most prominent. I like one of his quotes:

"A critique of fundamentalism. I became the ultra-fundamentalist. I found that fundamentalists may claim to take the Bible literally, but they actually just pick and choose certain rules to follow. By taking fundamentalism extreme, I found that literalism is not the best way to interpret the Bible."

Emphasis mine. Oh how true that is in pretty much every regard! Why is it that people who probably haven't read it from cover to cover (instead, relying on what someone else cherry picks for them) insist on telling others what it's all about. And then they seem to just pick and choose the things they are going to follow, and at the same time try to enforse the things they pick and choose on others... I guess that goes to the arguments so many theists have that atheists can't have morality (WRONG!). Well, the bible sure is a fucked up place to get morality from as well!

Anyway, that is my random blog post for today. For the pagans out there, I guess today is Beltaine or something. Enjoy.

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