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29 May 2009

Yep, it IS mumbojumbo

Every time I see articles or hear people saying that science has somehow proved god(s), I cringe. Mostly because it's incredibly paradoxical, and it also totally mangles science. That's why this article had me wanting to arrest Francis Collins for the murder of understanding and science. What really confuses me is how someone who was the head of the human genome project can sink so low? It's as if he bought into the same tripe as that craptacular bullshit in "What the bleep"... By surrounding crap and lies with scientific sounding language, these fools are only helping delude more and more people. If you actually read what they are saying, and compare that to reality, you'll see it's all circular mumbojumbo...

Of course, the hypocritical Templeton Foundation is all over this shit. It has just the right stink and consistency to appeal to them. With as poorly educated as the average Joe is in the US, they'll gladly lap it all up, and while using Charmin for a napkin, ask for more. Is there no hope for intelligent people who are willing to put in intellectual effort into deciphering this?

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