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18 October 2009

UK Libel laws Suck!

Straight from Dr Plait's blog. In case you aren't aware, this is a case where the chiropractors of the UK are claiming that chiropractic adjustments can solve all sorts of problems that are in no way musculo-skeletal. A particular Dr. Simon Singh called them on the nonsense, and now he's getting sued for libel... WTF? Okay, this is the backwards "guilty until proven innocent" (Popular with US conservatives as of late by the way) way that some UK laws traditionally work on.
Hero journalist Simon Singh has written a fantastic article for The Times Online about his libel case in the UK and libel in general: how it gags journalists and keeps people from learning important information.

If this article makes you angry, good. Do something about it.

So please take a moment and sign the petition. I think this is an opportunity to bring not only pressure but reality into the situation. Even though the UK is one of our closest allies in many things, they do need to catch up to the 21st century.

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