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11 December 2009

Science Stuff From Bad Astronomy

Another blog that I read a lot (okay, maybe stalk is a better word, but no restraining order yet) is Bad Astronomy. Today Dr. Plait did a little list roundup of worthy news. I am reposting it, just for the video, although the other stuff is cool stuff too. And if you don't read Bad Astronomy, I suggest you do. The entry a few prior to this particular one is what it's all about! (And the cynics say skeptics have no sense of awe...)

From Dr. Plait:

Sometimes, news comes pouring in to Bad Astronomy HQ, and I am but a man, so I can’t keep up (writing about Saturn’s moons and giant galactic panoramas and big weird Scandinavian spinny thingies keep me pretty busy, y’know).

So here are some quick bits o’ interest.

1) Dr. Harriet Hall will inject (haha!) some medical sense into Oprah

2) You already knew this, but Rush Limbaugh is somewhat misinformed on basic matters of science and medicine*.

3) Obama’s science advisor John Holdren reads a book by my Hive Overmind compatriots!

4) Pulsar-discoverer Jocelyn Bell-Burnell blogs.

5) My friend, the Aussie skeptic Richard Saunders appeared on national TV and handed an astrologer his head.

6) My evil twin Richard Wiseman is fun at parties. Here’s the video:

OK, good. That oughta keep y’all busy while I write up my next big astronomy post.

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