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04 March 2010

Delicious Irony Department

So Dan Florien found another case of a religiously motivated bigot have a rather unfortunate turn of events (as seems to be exceedingly common):

From the mmmm-delicious-irony dept:

Early Wednesday morning, State Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Calif.) was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Sources report that Ashburn — a fierce opponent of gay rights — was driving drunk after leaving a gay nightclub; when the officer stopped the state-issued vehicle, there was an unidentified man in the passenger seat of the car.

Ashburn has issued an apology for the incident:

“I am deeply sorry for my actions and offer no excuse for my poor judgment. I accept complete responsibility for my conduct and am prepared to accept the consequences for what I did. I am also truly sorry for the impact this incident will have on those who support and trust me – my family, my constituents, my friends, and my colleagues in the Senate.”

Well isn’t that nice that he accepts the responsibility and is prepared to accept the consequences? I’m sure he’s not hiring lawyers and trying to weasel his way out of anything!

Ashburn’s voting record shows that he’s voted against “every gay rights measure in the State Senate since taking office including Recognizing Out-Of-State Same-Sex Marriages, Harvey Milk Day and Expanding Anti-Discrimination Laws.”

Sometimes, when I get cynical, I think there’s a private gay club where all the anti-gay Republican representatives are members…

The thing that makes this even more of a gem are the comments:

"The arresting officer said that Ashburn’s breath smelled like cocktail sauce . . ."

"I’m sure it’s simply an unfortunate misunderstanding. He was probably just taking the gay guy somewhere to kill him by stoning."

"Senator Ashburn was in the gay club rescuing a wayward family friend who has been “turned” by the militant gays. Senator Ashburn went to the lions’ den under the pleading of the confused young man’s family – life long friends of the Ashburns. On his way escorting the young man out of the gay club, Senator accidentally swallowed a glass of milk that was spiked with shots of Yager and was subsequently pulled over and cited for DUI. See, the Senator didn’t have a gay problem, he merely had a drinking problem.

We should all applaud the Senator’s courage in the face of certain danger."

Yes, I am laughing at these pathetic excuse for human beings. I'd feel pity for them and all the self hate they must endure if it wasn't for the way they were fucking up other people's lives as well with their institutionalized bigotry made into law...

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