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19 March 2010

Jon Stewart is CRAZY!

That's right. Full out batshit crazy. You should have seen him. Gesticulating wildly, jumping up and down, drawing on chalkboards like some crazed abstract artist. Oh wait, he was doing a parody of slipery slope, strawman idiot. It was FRIKKING HILLARIOUS! My wife, daughter, and I were laughing our asses off this morning as we were all getting ready for our day. It's always good to start off the day with a laugh.

Although, I wonder... Have you ever noticed how the fundies and super right wign nut jobs have absolutely no sense of hmour. At all! Even the Three Stooges is to complex and neuanced for them to get! All too often I have seen them reply to jokes as if it was an actual statement of what someone believed. Or they just don't "get" that Colbert is a parody. And they really seem to be the unfunniest lot out there. How many great "conservative comedians" can you name? And woe unto any of the conservative comedians that try to get the audience to laugh at themselves.

Now don't get me wrong, there ARE conservative funny people. Even ones who are comedians that intend to be funny as opposed to blowhards that are just funny becuase they are so fucking insane. But the tea party nutters and the fundamentalist right in the general public? Wow, what a dour lot. I have had a steady philisophical shift that has me leaning further and further left on many issues that I was quite hardcore right on. In those intervening years, i have found that I am much happier as a result of just being around happier people. And this despite my annual income soaring up there over the years as well.

Just a braindropping for today.

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