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27 June 2010

Ironic Coincidence?

So, it's no surprise that the downright dumbest state in the nation would do the most useless and dumb thing in the world, and declare a day of prayer, because they think their imaginary friend can do something about the spill.  Now I understand that they may be getting a sense of hopelessness about the situation because it's heartbreaking.  But really... prayer?  That's less than useful folks.  Instead, declare a statewide day of service, where people can go to the shores and help in whatever manner with the cleanup.

So in a bit of cosmic irony, a strange coincidence happened.  It seems one of the remote control robots they have down there bumped the cap, and it had to come off; THEREBY MAKING THE SPILL WORSE!!!  Now if this wasn't such a giant clusterfuck, I would almost laugh at the Louisiana legislators.  And this is just a coincidence, so it has no bearing on their prayer efforts, but apparently these mental midgets believe that by mumbling to yourself you can change reality...  So how do they reconcile that the exact opposite of what they wanted basically ended up happening?  Or is this the department of all bad stuff is the fault of the other imaginary guy, and all good stuff is of course the responsibility of the imaginary guy they like(fear?).

Really, can't people see how incredibly juvenile and downright silly it is turning to a supernatural solution when in all of (actual) history NOTHING supernatural has ever happened.  Not even once!


Sean said...

shall we discuss the constitutionality of such a declaration? Or better yet, the mere fact of asking such a question raises immediate cries that you are an immoral atheist attacking religion.

Sean said...
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Larian LeQuella said...

Well, theitards generally are not concerned about the Constitution (most never having bothered to read it).

Anyone who doesn't buy into the imaginary friend club is of course "attacking" them. The fact that their beliefs hold no water and can't stand up to scrutiny is not at all a factor in their defensiveness. ;)