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22 June 2010

What Should President Obama do About Gen McCrystall?

Fuck, what a mess...  I'm sure you have been following the news and the breaking story with gen McCrystall and his comments about the Commander in Chief.  Quite the clusterfuck all around.

My OPINION on this:
  • McCrystall is too important to the current effort to fire him outright.
  • McCrystal does need to be put in his place in relation to the Constitutional control of the military by a Civilian leader.
  • President Obama needs to take clear and decisive action that is in line with military discipline and tradition.
  • Both parties have too much important work to focus on instead of this bullshit.
So what needs to happen:
  • Gen McCrystal should get at least an Article 15 signed by the President.
  • He should be allowed to continue his mission until the normal time of his replacement (goal of July 2011 I think).
  • When he retires, he should get a censure and be reduced in grade.
  • All this needs to be public and well choreographed for the media fucktwats that think this is important.
What do you think?

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