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06 July 2010

Facebook Friends that are Cowards

So the other day I was wasting time on Facebook, and just looking at profiles of my friends.  A lot of the profiles are interconnected with numerous mutual friends.  So I was rather surprised at one person that used to be a mutual friend, that is no longer a friend.

Now, when I go on facebook, and I see people post statuses that are clearly wrong, or just foolish, I generally let them have their delusions, and don't comment on them.  Besides, how do you argue to someone about their delusions, when they have fully bought into them?  HOWEVER, if they make deluded statements in response to one of MY status updates, they are fair game.  While I am able to show restraint and respect for your own personal status, I will not show that same restraint when you come to my status and spout your bullshit or crazy ideas.  This happened a few times to this individual, and not only let him have it with both barrels, but many of my other friends basically ripped him to logical shreds.

So I must just assume that this guy slunk off into the woodwork as a coward because he couldn't take the heat.  Which I find sad, because in general I never thought of this guy as a coward, or such a supremely insecure person.  Again, if someone wants to have their delusions, fine.  Just don't ask me or anyone else around you to buy into those delusions (a concept that theitards find incredibly hard to understand by all appearances).

So, how about you?  Has anyone just run away with their tail tucked between their legs because you refuse to buy into their childish superstitions?  Even though you show restraint and don't "correct" them unless they step in it to their knees?


Allen said...

I had that happen to me only once. He was a conservative spouting his party line (Obama canceled the Space Shuttle program, Obama started the bail-out, etc.), and I'm a liberal, so we clashed a bit about politics, but we never let it mess up our relationship.

I posted a seemingly asinine quote about religion on my own page (the quote said that Christianity is fundamentally against critical thinking, or something similar), but he took offense to it, commented on it asking whether or not Islam was as well, I replied back saying all religions are, but by the time I hit "comment" he had defriended me and blocked me. I thought that was rather mature of him as a 40-something year old, and I'm 20.

Larian LeQuella said...

Mine wasn't so sudden. The guy just disappeared with no watershed event that I am aware of.