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06 August 2010

A Corporation is NOT a Person...

Okay, so this is old, old news.  Hey I'm over 40, so I should be allowed to move at the speed of print press or whatever...

Anyway, I was rather disappointed in the Supreme Court decision that allows a corporation to get around perfectly good rules and act as an individual.  I figure that we ought to take this analogy as far as we can then.  (And yes, this is not meant to be taken seriously, I hope that people can actually detect sarcasm and snark...)

Much like you can't decide to go out, but your foot decides to stay home, the ENTIRE corporation must support the action.  This way, if anyone in the corporation isn't in support of the action, they will be deadlocked.  And not just the board or CEO, but the entire corporation.  It's an all or nothing affair here.

Also, if any ONE person in a corporation is convicted of a crime on behalf of the corporation, then everyone in the entire corporation has to go to jail or whatever the punishment handed out is.

Everyone in the corporation shares the same credit rating!  That should be fun.

Okay, in all seriousness, I am very disappointed in this turn of events, mostly because one of the things that led to the founding of this nation was that people in Europe wanted out from under the corporations having undue influence on the affairs of state and laws of the land.  And this ruling just enables that.  Instead of the voice of the people, we have the voice of Exxon or Haliburton.  Not what any writers of the Constitution intended I am sure.  And it's even more sickening when we see who was really driving the bus on this vote.

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