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14 October 2010

Liars for jebus

I just found this great website called "Liars for jebus" (well, okay, it's really "Liars for Jesus" but I prefer Homer's designation).  And it seems to be very consistent in what I have been saying for a long time about the outright LIES that these theitrad fuckwits have been doing.  Just because they don't like something, they would ratehr twist and lie instead of accepting that things aren't always like their fantasies.  There is a rampant Christian nationalist revisionism of American history, and not only is it pissing me off, but it is pissing a lot of other people off.

Anyway, this web page is a good source, and really does a good job debunking the revisionist tripe.  Not that I haven't mentioned this shit before...  Basically I think most of those fucktards subscribe to the school of "If you repeat a lie often enough, it will somehow become the truth."  Sadly, as I mentioned yesterday, facts and truth doesn't work that way.  If you are wrong in your opinions, it doesn't matter what rhetoric you throw up, you're still wrong.

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Darwy said...

Hey Larian - I read on Sanya's blog that you've moved north! Maggius and I will be in NH for Christmas (my mother lives up there), would you want to get dinner or a beer at some point??