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22 October 2010

The Universe and Woo

I found a couple of great presentations that are worth seeing or hearing.  Sadly, I don't think just anyone is allowed to view the video presentation at the source, but I will link to that as well, just in case.  The title of the presentation links to the original website.  I used the description of the presentation as a link to the file I managed to download and save on my server.  Feel free to download it, view it, listen to it, whatever.  Well worth in in my opinion!

Life, the Universe and NothingLawrence M. KraussThe past decade has witnessed one of the greatest revolutions in the past 100 years in our understanding of the universe, and also produced one of the biggest outstanding mysteries in physics, resulting in a totally unexpected change in our picture of the future of the Universe and Life within it. (1 hour 14 minutes)

Investigating Pseudoscientific & Paranormal ClaimsJames RandiJames Randi, Paranormal and pseudoscience investigator extraordinaire! (2 hours)

These men are both giants in their field, so I think it would be worthwhile for you to listen to them.

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