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17 December 2010

Jon Stewart Speaks Truth

If the republicans had any shame, they should be crawling into a hole right now...Heck, so should faux noise. Jon Stewart absolutely pounding Fox for being the "9/11 outrage" network, and yet being pretty much silent about the GOP blocking health care assistance for 9/11 first responders. And when you see a more compassionate treatment of 9/11 first responders from fucking AlJazeera than you do from the republicants and US media, you know this country is well and truly fucked. That any human being would actually hold up something like this just to protect the 2% that basically have 80% of ALL the stuff is sickening. I know that I feel as much anger and bile towards these fucktards as Jon does. I don't think I could ever meet a republitard politician without spitting in their face! This sort of bullshit is what you would expect out of small minded, bigoted, douchebaggy, elitist, assholes... Oh wait, I guess I just described the GOP!

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