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27 July 2011

So, who won't get paid?

So, as we all know, there is a huge kerfuffle in Washington DC because some people have the negotiating skills of a petulant 3 year old (I'm looking at you teabaggers!).  Sometimes I wonder if the resistance this time to raising the debt ceiling is because of the skin color of the Executive, but that's probably me just being too cynical.

While wondering what douchefuckery our congress critters are up to, I started contemplating who would be the first to feel the effects of the government not being able to pay its bills.  There are a whole list of people that would start feeling effects pretty quickly.  Social Security recipients, small and large businesses under contract to the government, military retirees, active duty military personnel, all the civil service employees, and the list goes on, and on, and on.  You know who is protected and guaranteed to be last on that list?  Yep, the same fuckups that are pretty much responsible for holding the entire US economy and entire middle class (i.e. anyone who isn't RICH) hostage...  I really think that congressional pay should be the FIRST thing on the block.  Furthermore, as long as these incompetent fuckwads are voting their own salary, I say the US population should be allowed to vote for a multiplier to that particular salary.  Planck's Constant sounds like a good multiplier.

And while we are at it, why is it such a anathema to ask the rich (or as the Repugnican'ts have taken to calling them, the "job creators" despite the fact that they are outsourcing jobs and NOT creating any) to contribute to the running of this nation in a material way as opposed to just buying politicians?  The wealth disparity in this nation has become the worst since it ever was since the Crash of 1929.  And if you look at every civilization and government that has ever existed on this planet, every time things get this out of whack, bad things happen.  Is there some sort of plot by fundytards to try to hasten some sort of apocalypse?  It sure as hell seems like it.

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