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17 August 2011

Companies Are Hiring. Just Not You

The rising anti-intellectualism in this country is having an effect on everyone.  I just read a Bloomberg Businessweek article that finished with these words:
The bottom line: With the jobless rate still above 9 percent, the untapped labor pool is deep. Yet some companies struggle to find qualified applicants.
And from what I am hearing, there are over a MILLION jobs out there.  The basic gist of the problem is that our workforce is too dumb to perform those jobs.  Instead Chinese and Indians will get them.  You see, this is an actual material effect of thinking that bronze age fables represent reality.  You can't really hold a job in a science and technology field successfully if you think the world is 6000 years old.  You are just too willing to discount too much evidence to be considered intellectually reliable.  Not only that, but there are probably serious gaps in the education you have.

And education is a key.  I am lucky, I have a great job, and I have excellent credentials and qualifications.  But then, I value education, and pursued it vigorously!  Many think that education really is key to restoring the American Dream.  And I agree.  But again, if people get educated, they may stop following bronze age fables, start to question what misplaced authority figures have told them, and start to question their "place".  And trust me, corporations and the rich want to keep you in your "place"!  The wealth disparity is good for them in the short term, and they want to keep it that way.  Sadly, they seem to have forgotten to study history.  If they looked at the 100% reliable pattern of what happens when things become as skewed as they are now, they should be concerned.  Well, either that, or they simply just don't care.  Makes you wonder why they hate the country that actually gave them such obscene wealth?

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