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14 August 2011

Deconversion Story

I am always interested in reading the deconversion stories of people.  I don't have one myself, so I find it valuable to understand how someone can go from a mindset of "faith" and acceptance of the supernatural (or ridiculous) to being rational.  In my personal experience, it's so easy that anyone should be able to do it.  Faith and other woo-woo ideas are so patently silly that I am even confused how people can hold on to those ideas, but then I also realize that I am shaped by my personal experiences and education.  Not everyone will think like me.

My wife has her own deconversion story (which I contributed to a great deal I think), but that may be too close to my own experiences to truly learn a great deal from (and she had started her journey before she met me, I just helped her be less afraid of the journey).

So, today I'd like to give you all this story:

Of course, even after reading this heart wrenching tale, I can already hear the apologists with their (predictable) platitudes and outright bullshit comments of:

"Why are you angry at god?" or the ever popular "Gawd has a plan that you just don't understand.  You will see that your son's death had a purpose."   /puke  Way to insult the man and his very real pain.

I must admit, this one seems quite a bit different than the other deconversion stories that I generally hear.  Most of the stories I hear are how people realize how religion consistently and deliberately lies to them, and tries to keep them ignorant.  After a while, things lead through the indoctrination and questions get asked.  And once the questions come, they start seeing that it's turtles all the way down.

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