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21 October 2011

100 Voices of Disbelief

I've mentioned a few times why I am atheist, and I've also tried to use quotes and other people's essays to help explain.  Yet I still get the questions from people who just can't understand (or would that be unwilling to understand), how or why I just don't believe in god(s).  Okay, maybe if I can't articulate it, maybe these people can?  These are two videos that total about an hour that has 100 renowned academics speak about their disbelief.  Hopefully you have heard of these folks, but even if you have not, they are giants in their fields.  I really urge you to watch both videos, they are well worth your time.

Part II:

In case you are interested in who all these people are, Jerry Coyne of "Why Evolution is True" has a list of all the folks in the video, and has even highlighted the ones he thinks said it best.  I think you should listen to both videos in their entirety.


Lauchlin MacGregor said...

Great videos! I've held the belief that the "God" that people speak of IS the universe. The Universe is intelligent and it did create human life. But I'm also at odds with science in that I don't believe the Universe has a beginning or an just keeps going and going, even though evidence may point to something otherwise.

I hope people are able to watch the videos you posted and understand your Atheist point of certainly helped me solidify my own.

Larian LeQuella said...

Laughlin, I think the term for that particular belief you hold is Pantheism. While it is a sort of "sexed up atheism" as someone once said, it really has no evidence in support of it either.

Also, your view that seems to be the "steady state" theory, has been pretty much totally debunked. The closest that may hold some merit are the bounce hypothesis, but even that is pretty unlikely.