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28 December 2011

Science is Cool (and empty?)

Dr. Brian Cox is a scientist (and a musician, TV personality, and all around cool guy).  One of the things that I like the most about him is that he is so enthusiastic about science.  In this video, he does a demonstration that shows not only how we know that an atom consists of mainly nothing, but I think he touches on a great idea of science.  That is, before we knew that atoms were mostly empty space, many imagined them to be like solid balls or in other ways much more material than we now know them to be.

That's probably the greatest strength of science.  That it will actually accept evidence that is contrary to conventional wisdom, as long as that evidence is repeatable, reliable, and presented in a manner that adheres to reality.  Anyway, enjoy this video, and even if you didn't learn anything particularly new, understand that the process of finding these things out is amazing in itself.

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