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03 December 2011

Technical Difficulties (And the war on christmyth)

Well, it seems that I have been rather quiet this past month and haven't said much of anything.  Well, actually, I did put a couple of posts together between work, studying for my PMP, and in general just doing stuff.  However, for some reason, they all got saved as drafts and never actually published.  Oops...  And since I actually put them together ahead of time, I wasn't really monitoring them.  My bad!

Anyway, I will get them up here as soon as I can.  In the meantime, how about a rundown of some of the traditional December posts that will re-affirm the so called "war on christmas"?  I must say though, since having moved up here to New Hampshire, I hear a lot less gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on this subject than I did when I lived down south.  I think that stems a lot more from theists (and New Englanders in general) up here actually understanding that it's a private thing, and dragging everyone else into it whether they want to or not is frowned upon.  Now if only the southern theitards would understand that....

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