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19 March 2012

Breaking News of a Geeky Variety

Dr. Phil Plait, all around great astronomer and ginger man about town, just informed the world about a developing supernova in the galaxy M95.  I suggest you read his article, because he does such a great job explaining it.  I do want to put the video up here as well though, just to make your stop here a multimedia encounter.

Before the video though, I must make one comment...  Isn't it pathetically sad that he has to reassure us that there is no danger from an object that is 35 million light years away?  Seriously, reminds me of the time that astronomers announced a great void in space that was 6-10 BILLION light years away, and the Faux Noise reporter looked at the video monitor with a combines expression of concern and confusion, and asked the astronomer if we were in danger from it.  The fact that the scientist didn't laugh at the reporter for their sheer stupidity can only be attributed to their state of shock at the abject stupidity of said reporter.  It's the only explanation that makes sense!

Anyway, here's a video to accompany the announcement of this supernova!

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