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21 April 2012

Which Moon has the best chance for life?

I have a mancrush on Dr. Phil Plait.  That is a well known joke/fact.  He tackles a subject that my wife, daughter, and I were discussing just the other day (ain't coincidence fun?).  So I am just delighted to popularize this particular video of Bad Astronomy Q&A.
My money is more on Europa versus the other ones.  Enceladus in my opinion has a bit too unstable at the geyser sources.  As for Titan, the chemistry is a bit too unknown for the type of complexity and energy that would be conducive to life.  That said, I would like to see probes to all three (Europa, Titan, Enceladus in order of precedence).  Even if the chemistry of Titan doesn't support life, there is at least something to learn in that environment.

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