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09 June 2009

Drive-by: I’m skeptical of denialism

Dr Plait has a blog today about people who claim to be skeptics, but instead are denialists (or even worse, cynics). I enjoyed this blog, only because I find that I am constantly having to explain and point out the difference to the uneducated or just plain contrary folks. There is another write-up by another author on the subject as well.

Now, why am I writing about other people's blogs on this subject? Well, for the most part I have been posting in my local fishwrapper (Northwest Florida Daily News) on various subjects, making comments on sotries, etc. The thing that really gets me is that these people are so incredibly provincial and for the most part have a version of groupthink going that is frightening. One of the posters there offered a bit of feedback that I come off arrogant. I will admit that I do. It's hard not to when you read ignorant statements, and are nearly able to predict with 100% accuracy what people will say about specific subjects.

How's this relate to skepticism? Well, this area is full of denialists of evolution, global warming, and even the legitimacy of Obama's Presidency... They do accuse me of not having a skeptical bone in my body because I worship science and evolution (their words obviously). So this is just an attempt at setting a few things straight for them, not that they will read it.

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