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08 June 2009

Whirlwind and more Braindroppings

Whew, what a weekend. When I got home from class (early) on Friday, my wife suggested that my daughter and I go to Disney for the weekend. Just for fun, and because I haven't really had a chance to spend a lot of time with my daughter because of deployments and such. We had a great time just hanging out and doing stuff together. it was an incredibly enjoyable weekend! Although, both of us were pissed that Space Mountain was closed until this winter. Grrr. We both also decided that if you go to Orlando for rides and stuff, the place to go is Universal. Overall it's probably a more active place than Disney. Disney is more about atmosphere really I think.

So, on my Facts, not Fantasy page, I quoted the UBS Freethinkers on a blog post, and they have decided to talk to me about that in a podcast. I think this is my first podcast ever! Kind of cool really. Hopefully I can get more traffic an information out about the site. I did see that IVAN3MAN put up a couple of news stories in the blog as I was in the land of mouse, and that was very nice of him. I still am looking for more folks to assist in this web site project. I'd like to see this become a frequently utilized resource by students and laypeople around the world. Please spread the news about Facts, not Fantasy!

Okay, all I got for today. Still catching up from playing hookie this weekend!

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