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04 June 2009

Obama, Oprah, Mars

Hmm, actually quite a bit to talk about today, so not really sure where to start. I will say that I had the opportunity to read the transcript of President Obama's speech at Cairo University. I would have preferred to see it since he is a great orator, but I did get to read the transcript. The content was great (even though I personally could do without all the god stuff, but hey, you gotta know your audience). I was amused that one of my favorite treatys was mentioned (Treaty of Tripoli), although not my favorite article from it (Article 11). Anyway, great speech, let's hope it starts to undo the past 8 years as well as many other long histories.

About Oprah... I was thrilled to see that Newsweek bitch slapped her a bit. I wasn't the only one glad about it. Okay, Oprah is probably a really nice lady, and she has tons of empathy, but that is no excuse for abusing her position as shepperd of the sheeple by endorsing things she has absolutely no knowledge about. I am always wondering why we listen to celebrities when they talk about stuff that they have no expertise in. If you think about it, most celebrities are actors, and acting is basically an endorsed form of lying about who you are, so these people are expert liars and manipulators in a sense. If anything, we need to make an extra effort to examine anything they say. And just for fun, click on the graph, it's so true!

And yes, it's that time of year when Mars will apparently be as big as the moon in this once in a millennium opportunity (NOT!). Please discount that you have seen this email for the past 6 years, or that it's just plain impossible, or a host of other things... Again, I suppose it's applicable to that graph! Just wait, Oprah will probably fall for it, I know my sister will.

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