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10 August 2009

Conditional Love?

Found this at the blog of Danile Florien (Unreasonable Faith) a reformed fundamentalist. i read his blog, because I was never so deluded as to buy into religion, so he has a pretty good perspective on things. Anyway, this video was pretty funny:

Jesus loves you… but if you don’t worship him, you’re going to burn in hell forever.

I’ve always thought that the concept of the Christian god’s love was very conditional. Which isn’t all bad, except for that fact that he’s supposed to be much better than us mere humans. And of course, the punishment involved for not worshiping him everyday.

I can think of plenty of great parents out there who probably love their children as close to unconditionally as it gets. And their children certainly do not worship them, and have openly spited them many times growing. But the parents don’t feel any differently and would do just about anything for them. In comparison with that, god just seems like a bit of an ass.

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