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15 August 2009


You are all aware I am sure of the "Government Death Panels" that are in the healthcare reform debate. But I bring you two of its most ardent supporters:

Sarah Palin

Newt Gingrich

Here you see BOTH of them supporting such RADICAL and un-American concepts as advanced care planning, living wills, counseling, and coordinating records through electronic media. You know, the DEATH PANELS!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this is YET ANOTHER example of the outright lies and distortion you the public are getting from these first class hypocritical fucktards! You want to know something even funnier? If you go to the State of Alaska web page listing all the proclamations, scroll down to April 2008 (when Sarah "I'm a fucking tard" Palin made her proclamation), and click on the link for it, you get nothing! She had it taken down? Good thing for archives! Newt's article was specifically on reform, but it's incredibly hypocritical and disingenuous to tout advanced care planning to be covered by Medicaid as a fucking death panel. Come on, is lying so ingrained that you feel that this isn't anything more than a scare tactic?

After all, if the Terry Shaivo fiasco of 2005 didn't get people to actually think about really planning for this shit, I doubt they'll do it on their own. As a matter of fact, the Schaivo incident is yet another example of hypocrisy and fear mongering douchebaggery. Back then, you had the Senate all wrapped up in interfering in a family's private decision on end of life planning. NOW however, they say it isn't a place for them to get involved. Okay, make up your fucking mind already! Or are you just so politically fickle that you have no actual convictions, and live your life according to Faux Noise "news" coverage?

Again, I have stated repeatedly that I am not sure that we as Americans deserve any healthcare on a universal basis. Not until we actually DO something about our health! Stop thinking that a triple whopper, large fries, apple pie, and a diet coke is a healthy meal... Get off your ass and do something like going to the gym, or just take a walk. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Don't drive to the mailbox. And for fucks sake, we need some massive tort reform. Anyway, here is a repeat of a previous blog entry:

As for the actual agenda of a national healthcare plan... My view is that we need to get the insurance companies out of running it entirely unsupervised. Incentiveize people to be healthier first of all, and then see what we can do to make the system efficient. Right now it's yet another bunch of douchebaggery that is out of control, and the government hasn't done a damn thing to stop it. Too much Laize Faire will result in abuses too... Because people are greedy douche bags!

And AGAIN the Republicans are being SUPREME douche bags... The only study they are taking talking points from is the Lewin Group. They seem to be leaving out a KEY fact though:

The political battle over health-care reform is waged largely with numbers, and few number-crunchers have shaped the debate as much as the Lewin Group, a consulting firm whose research has been widely cited by opponents of a public insurance option.

To Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House Republican whip, it is "the nonpartisan Lewin Group." To Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, it is an "independent research firm." To Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the second-ranking Republican on the pivotal Finance Committee, it is "well known as one of the most nonpartisan groups in the country."

Generally left unsaid amid all the citations is that the Lewin Group is wholly owned by UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation's largest insurers.

Oh Snap!


Thomas Panto said...

Those taking millions of our dollars per year as ''salary'' and accumulating a billion dollars in stock for their success at denying people service, will use a few million of their advertising dollars to spread disinformation on the media, so that their stealing of our money can continue.

Ivan3man said...
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rrpostal said...

The funny thing about the whole uproar is that Medicare has always had a provision for "end of life planning". I work for medicare, trust me, it's in there. It really doesn't mean much more than you can be counseled if you're shocked about being mortal.