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18 March 2011

Georneys Rundown On Nuclear Powerplants (Conversations with an ACTUAL Nuclear Engineer!)

A lady that I go to Granite State Skeptics with is married to a Nuclear Engineer that actually worked at a nuclear powerplant.  A real live one!  Not one of those TV talking heads.  Their daughter has a blog called Georneys (Geology and Journeys combined, very clever).  She has been having a series of conversations with her dad, and has been putting them up on the net, as well as the transcripts.

I encourage you to go to her blog and read up.  It's a whole lot better than what any news organization will give you.  Keep in mind, her dad is a nuclear engineer, and he has worked in a real nuclear power plant, but he's not actually on site.  There are limitations.  Anyway, here is a list of links that she has up so far, I highly recommend that you follow this blog:
I am also going to highlight a couple  other posts she made that are also worthwhile reading.  This lade actually knows her Geology, and she is world traveled!

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