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05 March 2011


How is it a theist needs to blow something up or shoot someone to be considered "militant", whereas an atheist need only have an argument with a believer to be awarded the sobriquet?  I contend it is because of the "I'm right, you're wrong and going to hell, so shut up" mentality that these types of people have. Dogmatism if you will.  Ironically, that "conform or die" mentality appears to have become endemic to all Abrahamic religions, despite endless protestations by adherents that their doctrines purportedly preach tolerance and humility, whilst exhibiting none of the tolerance and humility purportedly to be found within those doctrines. I also note, with yet more irony how, having launched the entire Abrahamic strain of supernaturalism, the Jews have suffered abominably as a result of the "conform or die" mentality becoming particularly virulent in the descendant religions, yet this has only made many of them cling to their own religion all the more.

This, of course, is the real reason why Christianity and Islam have achieved the level of hegemony over millions that they have - ruthless enforcement of conformity to doctrine, ruthless suppression of dissent, and a willingness on the part of those enforcing conformity to doctrine to engage in large scale murder. The two big Abrahamic faiths, for much of their history, were nothing more than primitive superstitions that simply had the good fortune to acquire political power and military muscle. What truly distinguished them from the assorted animist superstitions of assorted indigenous peoples around the planet, was that they had access to better weapons, and were spread by people who were willing to use those weapons. This was one lesson that was learned quickly by adherents of doctrines not involving supernaturalist assertions, of course, which is why political ideologies in the 20th century had such a devastating effect - adherents thereof learned the lesson well from Christianity and Islam, that if they wanted their ideologies to enjoy some longevity, they had better be even more ruthless about deploying the weapons.

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