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18 April 2011

Bad Universe! Tell your friends.

I have often lamented about the decline of actual science programming on those TV channels that pruport to air that sort of stuff.  For a fun and accessible program, I recommend Dr. Phil Plait's Bad Universe.  It will air on the Discovery Channel tomorrow, April 19, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern (US) time (check local listings).  The reason I am encouraging people to watch it, DVR it, or just get excited about it is because the series has not (as far as we know) been picked up by the network.

I can't promise he won't say "Holy Haleakala" a million times, but these are great shows based on his book "Death From The Skies". (Yes, I have my signed copy of that book!)  Fun and engaging science!  Something we all need.

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