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24 April 2011

How did everyone else miss this?

So today is the Jewish Zombie day.  People will celebrate it by observing the pagan rituals and holidays of Ishtar and Oaester, all the while thinking they are observing xtian rituals... How is it that these events were missed my everyone else?  If the passage quoted in the snarky picture really happened, why is it that no one noticed?  Yet one more example of how really fucked up this fairy tale is...

The total lack of evidence has been discussed quite a few times.  And the total lack of historical reference only backs up the initial statement I made about all the historians seemingly missing major events like this.

Again, you are free to believe whatever crazy shit you want to.  It's not my place to get into it if you are happy with it.  Just remember though that as soon as you put it out there for criticism, your fairy tales will get the mocking they so richly deserve.  So do us all a favour, don't get all righteous about your jewish zombie.  We don't want to hear the "good news" because it's just plan silly and it makes us feel bad for you to see you behave in such an obviously brain damaged way.  Instead, respect our rights to follow our hearts, and we'll leave you to your devices as well.

And if you happen to see any zombies today, remember that the only way to deal with them is by a headshot.  Apparently, according to your myth, some Roman muffed the handling of his zombie, only stabbed him in the side, and now his zombie is responsible for some fucked up cult that is a convenient excuse for bigotry, hate, and downright idiotic beliefs...  And speaking of idiotic beliefs, this next picture just seems to sum up how silly things are if you think about the need for jebus and all that...

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