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20 April 2011

Where I invent a new drink for Hubble

Friday is the 21st anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space telescope.  Perhaps one of the best inventions of mankind.  On the Bad Astronomy blog, I joked about coming up with a drink to celebrate this significant "birthday" and this is what I came up with:

151 Rum floated on top (to make you blind at first?)
OJ (Launched from the Cape, FL)
Grenadine (Red Shift)
Vodka (OJ and Vodka is a screwdriver signifying all the repairs)

Each ingredient has a "theme" related to Hubble and the launch.  What would your suggestions be?


Wylann said...

Hey Larian, I tried to register on your forum, but it said the username was already taken before I even got to enter one.

If you still do online RP, come visit my NWN server (NWN1).

Our forum is at


Larian LeQuella said...

Wylann, I had to turn off registrations on my forum because it was getting spam bot attacked. I can make a registration for you if you want.

That said, I see you found me on Facebook, and we can communicate there. :)