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09 September 2011

Since when is reality a career killer?

Poor Jon Huntsman.  He's the only GOP candidate that actually has a grip on reality, and because of that, he's totally unelectable.  As has been bandied about, lifted from Bad Astronomy, lifted from The Friendly Atheist, who lifted it from The Daily Dish…
Listening to GOP Presidential candidates talk about science is like listening to children talk about sex: They know it exists, they have strong opinions about what it might mean, but they don’t have a clue what it’s actually about.
And to make things even worse... Listen to this video, and see if you can spot not only a denial of reality, but a total misrepresentation of history:
I know Texas seems to have a fundamental problem with history as it is, but doesn't Rick Parry know who it was that disagreed with Galileo?  And how totally and abjectly wrong the pope and church actually were?  Okay, so all this plays well with their base, but doesn't anyone remember what happened when we elected an intellectually dampened individual to the White House?  We're still paying for this now!  Of course, the GOP and the teabaggers are busy blaming the black guy for "W's" mess, so it's all okay...

Keep in mind, the visceral appeal of some of these yutzes and yahoos that appeal to the GOP base is that they are down home, or just like them.  Okay, how many of you out there honestly think you have the brains and ability to lead the United States?  Be honest! I for one would prefer to have the smartest, most educated, and intellectually honed individual in the seat in the Oval Office.  Putting some rotin tootin Yosemite Sam idiot there is a sure recipe for disaster.  And to be honest, I measure people's intellect on their adherence to reality.  It does not speak well for this current field of candidates.  For fuck's sake, do you want a guy that could barely pass high school to be your surgeon should you need an operation?  Then why the fuck do you want someone as intellectually handicapped as some of these candidates running this country?

Hell, I saw the NBC News Poll where the public thinks that all this is a "long term problem" for the President...  Are you fucking kidding me?  The American public has the memory and attention span of a fucking goldfish (OMG! A plastic castle!  OMG! A plastic castle!  OMG! A plastic castle!).  In six months, most Americans won't even be able to recall the GOP debate or the President's job speech.  And the 24 hour news cycle will be all about whatever the next manufactured crisis or punditry will be, which will have no bearing on any reality as usual.  I think I will hide until election day, or better yet

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