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20 April 2010

Is it STILL too complex for the average American Idiot?

So I saw this post on Dr. Plaits blog, and I thought it was really cool and made a complex subject acdcessible. Although, I got to thinking a bit more about it, and I realized that no matter how much you dumbed it down, it would be too complicated for the average American idiot... Too bad. Even though we are small and insignificant in the universe, it's still staggeringly cool that we are made of star stuff, and that we exist in this universe all through laws of nature that need absolutely no supernatural explanation!

I get a lot of books and such sent to me, and I rarely have time to look them over. It’s a blessing and a curse, I guess. I want to see what everyone else is doing, but I’m doing too much to look!
But I got an email from James Dunbar, asking if I’d look over his rhyming verse comic book called BANG! The Universe Verse. He made it easy, since there’s a small version online I could look through.
I like it! It describes the Big Bang model using simple terms, and goes through the timeline breezily, making it easy to read. Someone unfamiliar with the science will get a passing familiarity with it from reading this, and enough info to go online and find out more.
And if you are familiar with the science, you might get a kick out of the drawings anyway. I really liked this one:
Clever use of visual similes, with the iris resembling an explosion.
BANG! is freely available as an e-book, and you can ping him if you want a PDF. He also sells a bound copy for $10, which is pretty reasonable given he’s self-publishing it.
He’s a talented guy, and I hope he can do more stuff like this. I wonder how many kids he can inspire to get more interested in science?

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