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18 April 2010

Need a Skeptic to talk?

Grassroots Skeptic Launches Skeptical Speakers Bureau

Philadelphia, PA – 4/5/2010: Grassroots Skeptics today announced the official launch of its new Skeptical Speakers Bureau. The group's most recent project is aimed at helping skeptical organizers find speakers for their events.

“There are skeptics’ groups meeting all over the world,” said Grassroots Skeptics founder K.O. Myers, “and many of them are moving from purely social gatherings, and adding more informative and educational content to their programs. We want to make it easier for organizers looking to expand that part of their mission to find the perfect speaker for their next meeting or conference.”

At launch, the Bureau features a lineup of 35 speakers from a wide range of backgrounds. The roster includes scientists, educators, bloggers, podcasters and skeptical activists, who are ready to educate and enlighten on many different facets of science, skepticism and critical thinking.

“We’re also looking to add to our roster of speakers,” Myers said. “We want to encourage new voices to add to the chorus, and to raise the profiles of skeptical activists who want to foster reason and critical thinking by educating the public.”

At, organizers can get more information, see the full lineup of speakers, and request an appearance for their next event. Skeptics interested in joining the Speakers Bureau can also sign up on the site.

Grassroots Skeptics is a volunteer organization that promotes critical thinking and a reason-centered worldview by helping local skeptics groups to share tools, information and strategies, and connect with skeptical individuals and activists both locally and globally.


K.O. Myers

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