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02 May 2010

Have you seen this man?

I recently became friends with an ape (or monkey, not really sure what he is). Anyway, he made a post about something that I have generally been ignoring because of its sheer stupidity. However, he did mention that there is a worldwide show of solidarity for this. And of course, as one of the more intelligent apes I know (and that counts the genus Homo in this case, because let's face it, what Charles writes is much more observant than what most H. Sapiens is aware of) I have to give him his due and post his whole thing. Eventually I may make my own stick figure, but this is just too brilliant not to share.

To make a long story short, the latest South Park episode featured Muhammed, the prophet of Islam. And some muslims aren't happy about this.

Islam forbids the representation of Muhammed, for some reason. That's fine, but the bit that isn't fine is that they expect and demand that everyone else also respect their religious commandments to not represent Muhammed. They go so far as to threaten those who don't obey this command with death. In this case, it's the creators of South Park.

A lot of people have rallied in support of South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I particularly liked the idea proposed by youtuber Gotthatfunk in his video, which I found through NonStampCollector.

The proposal was that everyone draw a stick figure and label it Muhammed. I can't get around to making a video, but I thought I'd offer my support.

Realising Muhammed might feel alone during his world media debut, I wondered, what would Jesus do? He would help Muhammed in his hour of need*. So here they are:


* The hippie, nice guy version of Jesus, anyway. The real Jesus might have had Muhammed killed, who knows.

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