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28 May 2010

Sorry so Quiet

Hey everyone (or you two, or whatever). I just wanted to drop a line to let folks now that I am working on a bunch of blog entries. Just been incredibly busy with work. heck, thinking about how busy I am reminds me that I came up with another idea for a blog entry that I ought to write! As a peek ahead, here is a list of blog titles that are coming your way:

Opinions versus Facts
More on Climate Change
Facebook Friends that are Cowards
A Corporation is NOT a Person
Are You a Theitard
Zombie Apocalypse

Also, I want to do some stuff to the blog so that people can follow me, and other stuff like that. So if the blog goes all wonky for a day or two, that would be me dorking around with the settings. Of course, considering how many visitors I have, no one will notice, right? :)

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