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22 May 2011

Making fun of Rapturetards?

I suppose it would be easy to make fun of the idiots that fell for all this rapture nonsense (or the ones who are all in a tizzy about 2012).  And I would like nothing more than to mock these people into such a state that they will never, ever be so dumb and gullible again...  Sadly, human psychology is such that the really true believers will cling all the more tightly to their delusion...  And these people need serious help...  So while it is natural to mock these poor deluded folks, and the state of mind that makes them fall for this bullshit, keep in mind the real consequences of this travesty...

Keep in mind the mentally disturbed man that killed himself in a church to self-fulfill this bullshit.

Or all the strain this has placed on families that gave away everything thinking that the end was really here.

Or the fact that the criminal Harold Camping is deserting his flock, with all his ill gotten gains.

A lot of people bought in to this, and a lot of people were victims:

However, the most heart rending is shit like this:

How can you even think of taking a box cutter to the throats of your children? SICK! SICK! SICK!

Well, let's inject a little humour into the despicable and heart wrenching situation.  I for one have this theory about why the rapture didn't happen:   We were saved by a man that transcends time and space. A man that conquered death and daily performs miracles. A man that preaches non-violence. Yes, saved by The Doctor.

Some others may have a theory as to why the rapture didn't happen. One significant death yesterday was that of Macho Man Randy Savage. Maybe he saved the world?

A final theory is that perhaps no one qualified?

Of course, the real answer is that it's all a bunch of bullshit, and anyone who believes in it now, or ever, is just deluded...

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