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15 May 2011

Skeptics: StackExchange

Just doing a little self promotion here.  I have recently become quite active at the Skeptics StackExchange site.   I am having a great time answering questions (and even asked a couple).  It's sort of like a YahooAnswers! but actually with standards!  Answers must be documented.  Questions themselves must be useful questions.  The moderation may seem a bit heavy handed at times, but I find that it improves the quality of the site.  And if you are interested in other subjects, StackExchange offers many communities which you can get involved in.  And it's easy to sign up if you have Facebook since you can link the accounts.

Anyway, I am also sort of promoting myself on the site as well.  Hey can't blame a guy.  You establish reputation on the site by people voting on your answers and questions.  You also receive virtual medals for your activity.  I am close to receiving a couple of gold medals, and I am hoping that anyone who reads this would be so kind as to go to the site, register an account, and then vote up my answers.  For instance, if you vote up:

Is it possible to fly 4 helicopters into a country without knowledge


Does the second law of theormodynamics contradict evolution

I could get a couple of gold medals with less than 10 votes on each.  Of course, votes on all my questions and answers help me out, so don't feel like you need to stop at those two.  Just click my profile link, and it gives a list of all my questions and answers.  Come on, what's stopping you?

Oh, and thank you in advance!  I really do appreciate it!

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