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21 May 2011

Why The Fuck Are You Still Here, You Annoying Peice Of Shit?

Well?  Isn't today the rapture?  Heck, I even gave it an hour just to make sure that you guys are wrong (yet again).  Look, I don't mind the fact that you act like a fucking moron, but for the love of Thor, please, just shut the fuck up already...  What really breaks my hear is that so many of the followers of this supreme dickwad basically blew everything they had...  And people wonder why I have a problem with religious thought.

I realize that this was a small number of religious nutbags, but the distinction really doesn't need to be made.  All religion is as crazy and fucked up as what these idiots fell for.  Some just hedge their bets better, and don't make as big a public spectacle of it.  Anyway:


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