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05 January 2011

My Favorite Webcomics

I just thought I would post links to the web comics that I enjoy, and sort of describe why I enjoy them.  Generally, these are comics that get updated on a somewhat regular basis.  And I know that I am missing a few, I have bookmarks for comics spread out all over the place, and most days I just don't have the time to check them out.  Anyway, here is my list:

AF Blues - This is a comic started by a SSgt Justin May (or is a Tech by now?).  He started this way back in the day as a cartoon called AWACKer.  It mostly appeals to military folks, but anyone should be able to "get it" if they have any exposure to egotistical people.

Order of the Stick - This is a comoic by Rich Burlew about a classic D&D adventuring party on a giant quest.  The two things that really make this comic for me is the art (stick figures, but you gotta see them to believe them), and that the characters are actually aware of the rule set they live in.  Okay, and the halfling ranger makes it really fun too, but you just have to read to understand that!

Scandinavia and the World - A comic that has anthropomorphized countries into little people (and their sisters).  My daughter found this on DeviantArt, and it had me rolling!  Not only because I was born in Scandinavia, but also because some of the observations the artist makes about the rest of the world.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Very regularly updated.  Both intellectual and juvenile in a perfect mixture that makes me laugh.  Also, make sure to put your mouse over the red button!

Treelobsters - Um, hard to explain this one.  It's a comic for skeptics and people who are amused by some of the stupid stuff people will glom on to.  There is a not so secret message with the comics as well.  Remember, you can't prove they don't exist!

XKCD - What self respecting geek doesn't read XKCD?  The stick figures, the science, and the alt-text.  What is there not to like?  And remember, this is the whole Science.  It works, bitches! comes from (one of my favorites).

Cyanide and Happiness - Um, not really sure how to explain this one. It has to be experienced to be understood.

Penny Arcade - If you want your gaming news in a blunt and forthright manner, this is the place for you.  These guys really have managed to make quite a go of this endeavour!

CTRL+ALT+DEL - Another gaming comic that not only has gaming commentary and news, but a fun set of story-lines.

GU Comic - This will always be just /gu to me!  This started out back in the EverQuest days, but now has expanded to many other games, and gaming news in general.

Looking For Group - Although not particularly about a game I play, the storyline is fun, the art very good, and the characters enjoyable.  For Pony!

Calamities of Nature -Thanks to Sean for reminding me about this great skeptical comic (and Dr. Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy as well).

I also like checking out things like Russel's Teapot, Jesus and Mo, The Stonemaker Argument, and probably too many more to list here.  So, which ones do you like?


Sean said...

calamities of nature - good rational skeptic comic

Larian LeQuella said...

Thanks Sean! I was thinking about that one, but couldn't pull it out of my decaying grey matter. :) I'll edit and put a link to it when I get home!